In a friendly and cozy environment which looks like a theatrical dressing room or like an old classic boudoire ,Kaiti Tomazinou offers the essential aesthetic care and the right treatments to fit all facial and skin needs . Absolutely useful for every woman which will make her look unique .

  • Cooperator in the Department of Special Effects at ‘Make up Lab school’ by Yiannis Marketakis
  • Member of the specialized-scientist committee –for the examination for the training certification acquisition through the Greek government agency ‘E.O.P.EP.’


  • Aesthetics
  • Professional Makeup
  • Specialized in : SPECIAL EFFECTS (KRYOLAN,Berlin)

                           AIRBRUSH TECHNIQUE (KRYOLAN,Berlin)

                           BODY PAINTING (KRYOLAN,Berlin)

  • Color Consultant Certification in Chromatology

-color analysis-styling making



1994-1996: Head of image Production-Television makeup at «ΔΕΛΤΑ»/ ‘DELTA’ productions.


1990-1995: Professional makeup trainer –Special effects in the training committee «School of Arts»

1997-2009: Professional makeup trainer-Special Effects-Aesthetics at the Institute of Professional Training in Kifissia

1999-2000: In charge of the makeup part in the theatrical show «The portrait of Dorian Grey»

Social Activity 

In charge of the makeup part in the following theatrical shows: «Petit Prince», «Summer Night Dream» for the organization of «To hamogelo tou paidiou »/ «The smile of the Child»

In charge of the makeup part at the theatrical group of the Greek Police.

Scientific Work

Teaching notes,photographic material in the following fields:

  • Chromatology
  • Morphology of Professional Makeup
  • Theater Makeup
  • Modern Makeup
  • Photography Makeup
  • Body Painting
  • Special Effects

Member of the specialized-scientist committee for the support of K.E.E.P.E.K for the examination of the professional certification in Professional Makeup .

April-July 2004

Athens 2004-Jack Morton

Head of the makeup training group-(about 120 makeup-specialized students)-for the needs of  the professional makeup in “KLEPSYTHRA” show for the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games. One of the cooperators in the preparation of the makeup in the shows for the Closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games.


May 2006

Participation in the training group for the needs of the professional makeup for the opening show of Eurovision .